Our CBS News partnership

We launched our CBS News partnership in September 2019, under the name “Medical Price Roulette.” Here’s the first story from Anna Werner, national consumer investigative correspondent at CBS This Morning.  She interviewed Frank Esposito, who faced close to $700,000 in medical costs after receiving surgery after an emergency room visit for a herniated disk. He […]

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Buying health insurance: A handbook

(Updated 2022) How do you buy health insurance? We are frequently asked to help people buy health insurance. Our specialty is the cost of health care, not buying insurance. We don’t do individual consultations on what insurance to buy. We’re not really qualified for that, and also people must be certified and licensed to sell […]

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Journalism, trust and our New Orleans partnership

“Your investigations are extraordinary and a real benefit to the public​.” “Keep up this Awesome Investigative Journalism!!!” “On behalf of everyone, we greatly appreciate your research and attention to this matter.” There’s been a lot of talk lately in the news industry about restoring trust in journalism. Accusations of “fake news,” clickbait and irrelevancy are common […]

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Cash prices stay level, while overall costs continue to rise

Summary: A curious thing has happened in health care pricing in this country. While insurance premiums and insured people’s prices for common procedures consistently go up and up and up, cash prices for many common, “shoppable” procedures vary little from year to year. We first started to notice this pattern when we were replicating our […]