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How much does a breast biopsy cost, $1,000 or $2,342? She saved $1,842

(Updated 2022) A community member shared this regarding what a breast biopsy cost her: PROCEDURE: 77031 Stereotact guide for brst bx PRICES: CHARGED: 1000.0 INSURED: 500.0 PAID: 500.0 REPORT DATE: 2019-03-01 SHARE DATE: 2019-03-01 22:54:27 UTC HOSPITAL: Houston Medical Imaging INSURER: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas OTHER INSURER: An employer INPUT BY: xxxxx PHONE: […]

Our New Orleans partnership

We’re changing the conversation about health care by using the tools of journalism to bring transparency to health care, and tell people what stuff costs. We launched our New Orleans PriceCheck partnership in April 2017, reporting on and crowdsourcing health prices with our award-winning journalist partners, investigative reporter and anchor Lee Zurik at WVUE FOX 8 […]