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The Team

Jeanne Pinder, founder and CEO

Pinder worked for The New York Times for 23 years before founding ClearHealthCosts. She gained a 360-degree view of journalism from working at The Times as an editor, reporter and human resources executive before volunteering for a buyout in late 2009 and becoming a web entrepreneur.

At The Times, she was an editor on the foreign desk, a reporter on the business desk and deputy founding editor of the Circuits technology section, among other posts. She ran departments (work-life manager) and desks inside departments (metro business, weekend enterprise) and consulted on projects like the New York Times Russian edition.

Before founding CHC, and before The Times, she worked at The Des Moines (Ia.) Register, The Grinnell (Ia.) Herald-Register and The Associated Press. She majored in Russian and did graduate work in Slavic studies, spending almost two years in the former Soviet Union, a place as opaque as the health-care marketplace.

She created with the help of two $20,000 grants: one from the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism (where her lead professors were Jeff Jarvis of “What Would Google Do?” and “Public Parts,” and Jeremy Caplan, director of education, Tow-Knight Center) and one from the Ford Foundation via the  International Women’s Media Foundation, in the Women Entrepreneurs in the Digital News Frontier program, where Liza Gross, Nadine Hoffman, Elisa Munoz and the team have been among the strongest supporters of the ClearHealthCosts concept.

In 2012, clearhealthcosts won a $14,000 grant from the McCormick Foundation’s New Media Women Entrepreneurs Program via J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism, a terrific vote of confidence from Jan Schaffer and her team.

In 2014, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation awarded a Prototype Fund grant to a partnership of clearhealthcosts, KQED public radio in San Francisco and KPCC/Southern California Public Radio in Los Angeles to crowdsource health care prices in a project the three partners call PriceCheck.

In 2015, clearhealthcosts launched a similar partnership with WHYY public radio in Philadelphia, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and a similar partnership with MedPage Today, a source of news, opinion and continuing medical education for 670,000 providers worldwide.


Jenn Schiffer, web developer and designer

Jenn Schiffer is the Department Administrator of Montclair State University’s Computer Science Department by day, and a web developer with a heart of gold by night. She’s passionate about her work, technology, academia, and using open source and data for the greater good.


Sherry Mazzocchi, reporter

Sherry Mazzocchi is a freelance journalist based in New York. In addition to her work at ClearHealthCosts, she works on multi-media projects for the Computer Center for Visually Impaired People at Baruch College. She has also worked at The New York Daily News, CBS Local, DNAInfo and The Manhattan Times. She is a recent graduate of The City University Graduate School of Journalism.

Theresa Fisher, reporter

Theresa Fisher is a New York-based freelance journalist. Besides healthcare, she writes about behavior, social policy and language. She also dabbles in copywriting. In addition to ClearHealthCosts, her work has appeared on, The, and The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. She’s a 2013 graduate of the City University Graduate School of Journalism.



Joel Jennings, data wrangler

Joel’s home is at the Graduate School of Journalism, CUNY, where he helps out at the Research Center and with the school’s professional and continuing ed. program. He has also recently helped administer a public lecture series on ‘big data’, which he believes author- and custodianship responsibilities for should be widely shared.



Jake Bialer, journalist/analyst

Jake Bialer is a data journalist/analyst based in New York City. He is currently hard at work on some entrepreneurial media projects and is consulting on the side. He previously worked as the Innovations Editor at the Huffington Post.


Tech partners

Development by our awesome partners and colleagues at Revsquare and Allied Strategy.

Special thanks to Alex Filatov, Jeff Mignon, Guillaume Pousseo, Elisa Riteau, Chris Lojniewski, Nancy Wang and Damian White from Revsquare, and also John Skinner, Cameron Colby Thomson, Jeff Runyan and Grant Horejsi from Allied Strategy.


News partners

We have recently been fortunate to join hands with partners: our PriceCheck prototype partnership placed our interactive widget on the web sites of public media partners, including KQED public radio in San Francisco and KPCC/Southern California public radio in Los Angeles, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. (When we won that grant with our partners, it was called “Uncovering Cost, Examining Impact.”)

Here’s some of the reporting by us and about us in the California prototype, on a group Tumblr. Don’t miss the pieces in the Harvard Business Review, the JAMA Internal Medicine piece and the positive editor’s note, and the other coverage by the three of us partners, and about us.

We have launched a new partnership with WHYY public radio in Philadelphia, joining hands with WHYY journalists to crowdsource and report on health care prices in the Delaware Valley. Here’s the project page for the WHYY partnership.


Special thanks

Our angels

Our angel investors. Without you, we would not be here. Thank you!

Our advisory board members

We love these people. Thank you!

Our grant organizations

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

The International Women’s Media Foundation and the Ford Foundation — Liza Gross, Nadine Hoffman, Elisa Munoz and others

The Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism — Jeff Jarvis, Jeremy Caplan and others

J-Lab, a journalism catalyst at the School of Communication at American University, and the McCormick Foundation — Jan Schaffer, Jill Clarke and others

All the jury and selection committee members who voted for us in these grant processes.

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Steve Shepard, Jeff Jarvis, Jeremy Caplan, Judy Watson, Amy Dunkin et al
The CUNY J-School Entrepreneurials of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, and the incubator crew — especially Jenni Avins, Drani Datta and Alan Grow


Hunter Farrell, Farrell Counsel
Bill Richter, Richter Law Offices
Joe Richotte, Jennifer Dukarski et al, Butzel Long
Neil Jacobs, Neil Jacobs Law
The Online Media Legal Network at Harvard’s Berkman Center — Jeff Hermes, Andy Sellars et al


Investigative Reporters and Editors
The Association of Health Care Journalists
The Online News Association
The Society for Participatory Medicine
Health 2.0