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Finding out what health care costs can seem impossible. We’re here to help.

Rising health care costs are one of the biggest problems we face as a nation. We’re journalists working to bring transparency to the system by telling people what stuff costs. Find prices, research issues, and share your prices on our site.


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PriceCheck: We're creating health cost guides with our partners and our communities across the nation

Our work with PriceCheck, our health cost transparency partnerships with media and other organizations, has stretched across the nation, bringing thousands of people to o ...

Is it cheaper to pay cash than to use your insurance? Maybe.

(Updated, 2019) Are you paying more for health care because you have health insurance than a cash customer pays? It's definitely happening for some people. Many of us ...

How much does a colonoscopy cost? From $600 to more than $5,400 and up

How much does a colonoscopy cost? It can vary: from $600 to more than $5,400, or even triple that -- depending on, among other factors, where it's done (doctor's office ...

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