Illinois Insurance Chief (Soon to Head U.S. Insurance Office) Sees Market Becoming More Concentrated  —   Kaiser Health News

“Are you hearing anecdotal stories from consumers?

“We sure are. People in the pre-Medicare age have a lot of trouble receiving individual and family coverage. Historically someone in that group would receive an offer of coverage with exclusions. Now we’re finding that person is not receiving an offer.

“We’re also hearing from small employers whose premiums are increasing 30 percent to 40 percent. In one case a small business of personal trainers, where the average age was 31 — five of them in a high-deductible plan, and no one in the group met the high deductible — their premiums were increased by 35 percent.

Insurers Clash With Health Providers As States Expand Medicaid Managed Care Kaiser Health News/McClatchy (Rationing by any other name.)

Vermont’s a hair’s breadth away from establishing a single payer health care system Aaron Carroll, The Incidental Economist blog.

While it may be correct to say that health care inflation is related to technology, not all health care technology is the same. Austin Frakt, The Incidental Economist blog.

House call doctors practice attracts $11.5 million investment. American Medical Association News.


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