Call me late to the party, but until recently, I knew very little about pharmacy-run discount plans for generic drugs.

From Walgreens to Walmart, chains now offer customers a way to fill prescriptions for bargain-basement prices. Some have a signup cost. Others don’t. Either way, they usually cover several hundred generic meds.

Companies will all remind you this is not health insurance. And it’s not. But for those without prescription coverage, or any coverage at all, it’s an option.

Each plan works a little differently. Some are a bit cheaper than others. But most start at $10 or $12 for a 90-day supply of meds. Not bad.

Now, this might not be right for you—generic meds have the same active ingredients, but they may not work exactly the same way because of  how they are made.

Basically, that means you want to have a chat with a medical professional before you go swapping—just to check.

Here we have a mini-rundown of the basic terms of the different pharmacy plans. Have you used them? How’d it go?

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