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I just picked up a prescription for one of my twin daughters. The CVS pharmacy first thought the prescription was for her twin sister, who’s in their computer; the charge was $10.

When the person at the counter finally figured out it was a different daughter, who wasn’t in the computer, and changed the billing information, the price changed to $11.77.

I didn’t stay to inquire or argue, because I had already spent 45 minutes trying to solve the problem, and at some point $1.77 has to be considered an opportunity cost issue. But still.

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Delightful way of looking at our health-care marketplace: as a comic strip, and not as reality. Preventive medicine.

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Two new health care startup incubators:  Startup Health and Blueprint Health. Also Rockhealth in California.


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A shoppable moment: let’s talk about knee replacements, hip replacements, and shoulder replacements. Let’s also talk about   prices and  efficacy.


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Still remarkable: we don’t talk about quality of medical care, because we’re focused intensely on price. But if you wanted to talk about quality, you could hit that link.


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