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Institute of Medicine speaker got a lot of love at the Health Data Initiative forum at the National Institutes of Health in Washington on Thursday, June 9.

Todd Park, chief technology officer of the Department of Health and Human Services, was one of the people who praised the the newly launched site when I showed it to him at  the conference, sponsored by the Institutes of Medicine at the NIH.

Park is a rock star of the open-source movement, and has been the driving force behind the release of big swathes of data on cost, outcome and so on, released lately by the Health Data Initiative since it started a year ago. So his praise was especially meaningful.

Presenters at the event included Park; Kathleen Sebelius, the HHS secretary; Aneesh Chopra, the nation’s Chief Technology Officer;  Tim O’Reilly, head of O’Reilly Media; Matt Miller, National Public Radio;  and Harvey Fineberg, Institute of Medicine president.

The program included discussions of HIPAA; uses of data in commerce; uses of data in insuring good outcomes; new and not-so-new data releases; journalism using data; and a raft of presentations by companies involved in the business of health, from Aetna to Castlight Health, from Doximity to HealthLine, and everything in between.




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