Top-paying companies: 3 of them are nonprofits

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health is wealth at non profits article

“Atlantic provides a health care plan for its employees and their dependents that includes pharmacy, dental, vision, and even expensive in-vitro fertilization. A new mother can have all her maternity visits, the delivery of the child, and all hospital costs covered for a one-time fee of just $15. Every hospital has on-site childcare and early-education programs for employees’ kids.”

It’s a description of Atlantic Health Systems,  a nonprofit hospital corporation based in Morristown, N.J., as portrayed in an excerpt from a Fortune magazine piece about the 25 top-paying companies nationwide. And while I’m generally skeptical about the top-25 lists, this is interesting. Go on over and take a look.

Top on the list? No. 1 is Southern Ohio Medical Center, in Portsmouth,  where the average total pay of a physician is $490,647. Not counting benefits. No. 16: Scripps Health, the non-profit health system in San Diego.

Both also nonprofits, by the way.