A new (to us) transparency player: HealthGram, from North Carolina. They do benefits administration, price negotiation, prevention management–health care, dental care, FSA and HSA, compliance etc.

They have this interesting fee schedule calculator, which they use to predict and negotiate fees, based on the Medicare schedule. They also help employers providers develop networks, manage records and the like.

“Primary PhysicianCare, Inc. (Primary) is  a privately held medical management company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.   … Whether a client is served by a single service offering or by our fully-integrated delivery system, the Healthgram platform provides the back-bone.  Healthgram is comprehensive in its capabilities.  Primary manages health plans, predicts the health of a workforce, and runs onsite medical clinics using Healthgram.

“Wellness Coalition America (WCA), a division of Primary PhysicianCare, Inc., delivers wellness and prevention services to industries, institutions, and organizations.  WCA develops onsite medical clinics, licenses Healthgram software, and provides data management services.”



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