Via A new study  by, a price quote site, says Washington, D.C. spends more on insurance than other cities. It also “shows that larger, more populated cities tend to have higher health care costs. The three largest metropolitan areas of the United States: New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, are all on the top ten list for highest amount spent on health insurance. says that a major reason big cities spend a lot on health care is because of the first-rate medical care offered in these cities. Because the best hospitals are located in major metropolitan areas, people with serious illness and rare diseases flock to these medical centers for treatment.”

via Washington DC Spends More on Health Insurance than Any Other City, New Study Shows.

Jeanne Pinder

Jeanne Pinder  is the founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts. She worked at The New York Times for almost 25 years as a reporter, editor and human resources executive, then volunteered for a buyout and founded...