Prices in Phoenix: A quick list

Published health-care prices in Phoenix? We’re here to help.

A woman called ClearHealthCosts the other day from a Phoenix law firm, asking if our services extend to Phoenix. I said that right now, we’re deepest in New York, but we’d be happy to help if we can.

So far we don’t have anything specific in Phoenix, except for the price lists from the big-box stores that have clinics:

CVS: Minute Clinics.

Walgreen’s: TakeCare Health.

Kroger: The Little Clinic (many in Arizona).


Costco (very limited):  In-store clinics.
Wal-Mart (none in Arizona so far): In-store clinics.

Target has clinics in Florida, Illinois, Maryland and Minnesota, and there’s a new Texas chain called RediClinic that doesn’t have anything in Phoenix.

Here’s an article about the walk-in clinic phenomenon from the American Medical Association; it catalogs the state of play, and the rise  of the walk-in clinic.