The people over on Twitter had a great chat about breast cancer treatment the other night. If you’ve never seen a Tweetchat, zip on over and take a look: #bcsm is the hashtag, and the screenshot below is a sampling of their conversation. (It takes place every Monday.)

The focus was #whatifhc, the extremely cool meme from Susannah Fox, who calls herself the “community gardener” at #whatifhc, and is the associate director of the Pew Internet & American Life project. She’s an expert on “the cultural shifts taking place at the intersection of technology and health care,” and by asking the question “What if health care…?” has elicited a rainbow of interesting responses.

This snippet shows how interested the community is in affordable, accessible care.

We’re interested in that too. It’s almost impossible to represent the excitement in the Tweetchat — click on over and take a look.

“It’s sad the vast energy that gets spent on billing, insurance, reimbursement, etc…”

“Another dream: that surgeons who mess up dont charge you for the ensuing revisions.”

“Without having to do the big insurance voo-doo dance to approve accupuncture for chemo nausea.”

“No person should be having to choose whether to eat or have health care.”

“eliminate the need for triple co-pays for one doc visit on a practical level. That’s a load of BS “

“I dream of a day when people w/cancer (& families) are not forced to sell lemonade/cookies to raise$ 4 life-sus …”

“I want to see profit taken out of medicine. Turbo charge compassion.”

” Id love to see the day when we can all *fire* our ins companies. Make the industry compete for our business. “

“We are distracted by non-essential issues. Stay focused & demand single-payer universal coverage”

“Yes, also in France it’s unheard of to go bankrupt due to cancer diagnosis. “

“What if healthcare didnt require insurance?”

“What if healthcare were included in the Bill of Rights, essential to pursuit of happiness?”

“Q4 #WhatIfHealthCare was available 2 all in U.S. w/o regard to job status, ability to pay or pre-existing conditions? “

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Jeanne Pinder

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