An excellent chart: How much does an emergency-room visit cost?

The cost differences were startling. A urinary-tract infection could result in a bill of $50 or a bill of $73,002. A sprain or strain: $4, or $24,110. A kidney stone: $128 or $39408.

This is an illustration from a study called “ ‘How Much Will I Get Charged for This?’: Patient Charges for Top Ten Diagnoses in the Emergency Department,” from the journal PLOS-One, published Feb. 27, 2013, by Nolan Caldwell, Tanja Srebotnjak, Tiffany Wang and Renee Hsia.

The authors concluded: “Emergency department charges for common conditions are expensive with high charge variability. Greater acute care charge transparency will at least allow patients and providers to be aware of the emergency department charges patients may face in the current health care system.”


emergency room visit charges for various injuries
How much does an emergency room visit cost?

Jeanne Pinder

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