Health cost transparency: Hospitals in the U.K. list prices

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Gall bladder hospital bill

Summary: Insured? Pay for yourself? On the National Health Service? Hospitals in the United Kingdom have been relatively forthcoming about listing prices. Gall bladder surgery in Cambridge, we learned, will set us back 5,130 pounds all in ($8,614 at the current exchange rate), at a Nuffield Hospitals facility. At the Hospital Corporation of America hospitals in the U.K., it’s 6,221 pounds ($10,446).



These price lists are easily searchable on the sites. Some terms and conditions apply — for example, the HCA site says the prices apply only to U.K. residents.

We do see, though, the words “guaranteed, all-inclusive.” This seems pretty easy to do. If these two big hospital chains can do it, maybe there’s hope here in the United States.

Here’s the Nuffield Health pay-as-you-go page, or you can click on the image below. Here’s the HCA site for the United Kingdom, or you can click on the image below.



Nuffield Health


Hospital Corporation of America — United Kingdom division