Health care quality metrics, examined: The Health Care Blog

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Summary: “In the future, doctors who provide better healthcare will be paid more. When a doctor gives good care, she will get credit. For factors out of that doctor’s control, she won’t be penalized,” Rachel Katz writes in this thoughtful and thorough explanatory piece examining quality metrics from a provider’s perspective on The Health Care Blog. “The patient, too, will be rewarded for taking care of his own health. In short, payments will align with good care, and good care will become more common. This is the promise of value-based care, which is coming, according to almost everyone. Medicare is pushing it. Private payers are preparing for it.Top providers are tooling up. And yet, the question lingers — how exactly do we measure quality? Today quality measurement is rigid, periodic, and manual. Here’s a peek behind the curtain of what we measure today — and what’s possible tomorrow.” Rachel Katz, Anatomy of a Healthcare Quality Metric,” The Health Care Blog.