‘Insurance Warrior’ helps patients get pricey things covered: StatNews

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Summary: “Her name is passed from one desperate family to another like an amulet,” Eric Boodman writes over at StatNews. “In phone conversations and online chat rooms, she’s mentioned at moments when the devout might call on a patron saint. A baby born with a deformed skull? ‘Call Laurie.’ An impossibly expensive cancer treatment? ‘Call Laurie.’ Laurie Todd isn’t a doctor, or a lawyer, or a hospital chaplain. She’s a 66-year-old former massage therapist. Most of the time, she sounds cheerful and efficient. But if someone tries to pull the wool over her eyes, her voice gets low and a little bit threatening. ‘Do you know what I do for a living? she asks. ‘I’m known as the Insurance Warrior.’ ” Eric Boodman, “Insurance Warrior” helps patients get pricey therapies covered.