Have PPO Networks Perpetrated The Greatest Heist In American History?

Summary: “Trillions have been redistributed from the American workforce to the health care industry, creating an economic depression for the middle class,” Dave Chase writes over on Forbes, introducing a lengthy interview with multiple quotes from my acquaintances Bill Rusteberg and Mike Dendy, who featured in this post I wrote three years ago. “The Washington Post and Vox have done excellent reporting that shows U.S. spends so much more than other countries for one simple reason — price. The good news is that some have found the solution to severe pricing failure, however so few have that the Middle Class is in a 20-year long economic depression that is at least 95% due to healthcare…. it is clear that the explanation for the strangest presidential election has been badly misreported. At most, immigration and globalization account for 5% of wage stagnation (on the latter, a big reason for jobs moving overseas are healthcare costs). In other words, a minuscule portion of the wage stagnation is due to foreign countries. We’ve gone to war for much less than what healthcare has done to America. In order to end the assault, one must look at the underlying drivers — not the symptoms…. There are a number of tricks the industry plays on healthcare purchasers but none is more pervasive, yet easy to fix, than PPO Networks. This has caused Americans to spend 30-50% (over $1 trillion per year) more than necessary resulting in nest eggs getting crushed and putting millennials on the path to be indentured servants to the healthcare industry.” Dave Chase, “Have PPO Networks Perpetrated The Greatest Heist In American History?” Forbes.com.