The Still Expanding State of Medicaid in the United States: PwC

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Summary: Mediciaid covers 1 in 4 Americans, and 73 percent of them are covered by private Medicaid plans, according to a new report by Price Waterhouse Coopers. The report says: “The trend towards Private Medicaid Health Plans continues, but how much more growth remains? This analysis, the third annual on the State of Medicaid, offers an extensive view of the Medicaid market, including private Medicaid health plans, assesses the continuing impact of Medicaid expansion, and presents key considerations around the future growth potential of the Medicaid market, powered by the proprietary collection and analysis of state Medicaid data. In 2014, the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act powered growth in Medicaid, the government sponsored health coverage program for the low income and disabled.  With over 9 million new beneficiaries, market observers questioned what year two post-ACA would bring – a tapering of the dramatic growth as coverage approached a natural ceiling or a continued upward trend as more states expanded and more Americans realized their eligibility?  And, of importance for many market observers, would the unprecedented growth in private Medicaid health plans continue?” Ari Gottlieb, “The Still Expanding State of Medicaid in the United States”, PwC.