How do people use our data? Our community speaks

Summary: Not everyone who comes to our data uses it in the same way — some people are cheering us on and offering to help just because they think transparency is the right thing. Here are some voices from our Florida partners’ survey of their community members: ‘This will be a valuable tool & may serve to keep facilities on their toes re prices they charge. Or maybe not, current system so entrenched & Insur co drive the costs, too. *sigh*” … “I think this is a great idea and needs to happen. Please keep it going” … “I know nothing about health care, and almost never use it. So I don’t know what I could contribute. But I believe in what you guys are doing, so I’ll help where I can.” … “Keep growing the data base- could be a great resource” … “This is such important work. I hope you spread the word to other public radio stations so the information can go national.” Thanks to our community: We believe in you, too!

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