“Cracking The Code,” with ClearHealthCosts: e-Patient Dave

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Summary: “Fox 8 NOLA’s “Cracking The Code,” with ClearHealthCosts Video of the first episode is below,” Dave deBronkart writes over at e-Patient Dave, in a post that refers to our newest partnership and also catalogs Dave’s writing about costs. “Regular readers know that among my various causes – patient-centered care, patient access to our medical records, etc – is the importance and challenge of managing our health costs. For years I’ve blogged about my own experience – see the list of posts below. Occasionally I’ve blogged about my friends at ClearHealthCosts, who have been busting their butts to … well, make health costs clear. And for years I’ve wished we had more public attention on this crazy situation. Because when costs are chaotic, it can be hard to get the care your family needs without getting hurt in the process. How ironic is that? So I’m thrilled to say that WVUE in New Orleans (“Fox 8 NOLA”) started a new series Wednesday night, “Cracking the Code: The Real Cost of Health Care.” From what I’ve seen so far, it’s spot-on. ClearHealthCosts is a big part of the project, and to my surprise a simple Skype interview that I did was used in the first episode. I can’t wait to see more. It’s all new so for the moment I’m quickly adding this page to my site … I’ll update it when I can. For now, here’s video of the first episode, and below are my past posts on health costs. I hope it helps.” Dave deBronkart, “Fox 8 NOLA’s ‘Cracking The Code,’ with ClearHealthCosts,” e-Patient Dave.