Watching change happen in real time: How people use our data

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We got to watch a community member learn how to shop for health care in real time the other day, when our partners over at I The Times-Picayune were doing a Facebook Live.

She came in in the comments, saying, “I pay my insurance over $500 a month. My out of pocket after my surgery was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!”

Then she added: “Tomorrow I’m going for an MRI and I have BCBS. What should I do if I find it’s costly for me out of pocket?”
I answered: “You can go to the PriceCheck tool and search for the procedure,” and added the hotlink.

Then I wrote: “Also, here’s an article I wrote for the Cracking the Code partners. (I’m the founder of ClearHealthCosts, which is the third partner on Cracking the Code),” and added the hotlink.

She replied: “Jeanne Pinder Thank you.”

And then added: “Thanks for sharing this……now I am educated more on my MRI and procedure.You guys rock!”

Others chimed in: “Thank YOU for exposing these frauds!”

And “This is so awful how they take advantage of us like this. I thought there were people who watch these sort of pricing.”

And “Thank U for putting together this much needed website. Wish it was avail for all communities!”