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Humana, the big health insurer, came visiting the other day to ask ClearHealthCosts how much an X-ray costs. They spent 8 minutes and 46 seconds reading this blog post. You can see on the screenshot here of our analytics program.

x ray cost questions

Interestingly, they came to us via the sketchy search.

They came lots of other times too.

On Aug. 23, Humana researched prostate biopsy costs and high-deductible plans for 12 minutes 33 seconds. Here’s the screenshot.

biopsy cost questions

On Aug. 15, Humana researched medical coding for 10 minutes. Here’s the screenshot.

ClearHealthCosts search results

On Aug. 11, Humana did some searches and investigated the ClearHealthCosts team and advisory board. Here’s the screenshot.

x ray costs 2

On Aug. 3, Humana spent 14 minutes 41 second researching a thyroglossal duct cyst removal. Here’s the screenshot.
x ray costs 1

On July 31, Humana spent 15 minutes 18 seconds researching hernia repairs. Here’s the screenshot.

x ray costs

Also in August, the United States Department of Justice came by 6 times (twice in July); UnitedHealthcare came by 13 times (18 in July); Cigna came 13 times (12 in July); and Aetna came by 10 times (6 in July).

HCA Healthcare, the for-profit health care chain, came 14 times in August and 9 in July.

That’s just a sampling of our visitors. 


Jeanne Pinder

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