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We’re always interested in seeing who’s visiting and what they’re doing.

healthcare cost searches

On a lazy July Friday afternoon, it was the U.S. House of Representatives, where someone spent 10 minutes perusing our front page.

These screenshots are from the analytics service Clicky, which will tell us — depending on how your internet is configured — who you are, where you came from, what you did, how much time you spent here. That sort of thing.

It’s intriguing to watch. Also revealing about who’s interested in our work and why.

For example, on this same day, Friday, July 6, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina spent 10 minutes trying to figure out whether people can be charged for colonoscopies.

Also we were visited by these places with “hospital” in their name in the last couple of months. It’s nice to see HCA likes us; in New Orleans, our coverage of HCA affiliate Tulane University Medical Center elicited protests. Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals is in Philadelphia, where our partners at The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Daily News, and 6ABC Action News are clearly getting attention from Thomas Jefferson.

Hospital visitor summary

Also, we saw these visitors from the Department of Health and Human Services in the last month. In truth, we think Clicky underreports visits — partly because mobile providers are recorded as mobile providers, rather than enterprise internet providers. Also notice the time per visit of more than 8 minutes. That’s very high by web standards; the time per visit is one of the ways web sites measure how interested people are in their stuff. Here’s an explanation. More to come.

(If you missed it, here’s our Clicky-related post about how .edu domain visitors seem to be looking for abortion pricing.)

Human services visitors

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