LabCorp blood test policy

(Updated 2022) LabCorp, the national lab test chain, has a program called “LabAccess Partnership program,” with what it describes as discounted fees on a menu of routine clinical tests for patients who are uninsured or whose health insurance does not cover clinical laboratory testing. Other payment options separate from private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, Labcorp says on its site, include patient-specific payment plans, special payment plans for financial hardship, indigent services request from a physician or facility, and the “LabAccess Partnership program.”

To get into the LabAccess program for Labcorp blood tests, the site says, “Patients must present their test request paperwork at a Labcorp patient service center for specimen collection. To take advantage of the LabAccess Partnership (LAP) program, patients must pay the discounted fees of the ordered laboratory tests in full at the time of service. Patients with unpaid laboratory charges will not be eligible for the program until overdue balances are satisfied.”

We requested a fee schedule, but Labcorp said they do not make the fee schedule public — so we can’t say for sure that they are actually discounts, or how they compare to other prices. For additional information, call LabCorp Patient Billing at 800-845-6167. Billing & Insurance | LabCorp

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Jeanne Pinder

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