How much does an ultrasound cost? She saved $75.

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This share came in recently from an anonymous community member — for an ultrasound of the head and neck, medical billing code 76536, with a charge of $146.91 at Oaks Radiology in Phoenixville, Pa.,

The comment: “Paoli Hospital quoted about $1000 without insurance, 40% discount if you pay cash up front, $221.77 with [Independence Blue Cross] personal choice. But they won’t look up CPT codes for you for a quote. So I just Googled to find other ultrasound providers and saved $75. It’s worth doing the work.”

A community member in Pennsylvania not long ago used our database of prices to get a lower bill. The hospital told her it could be $1,325, and they would not give more information. So she looked in our database of ultrasound prices, picked a lower-cost provider, and saved $1,205 — with a final price of $120 with insurance or $150 without.