If the bill is blue, ignore it: Tales of health cost absurdity

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stack of papers

A friend writes on Facebook, in response to a story a friend told about a hefty health care bill:

“Generally, my tactic with the health care system is that no one at any level of the system is happy with it, and no one sees the whole picture. Get all the understandable shaky rage out before you appeal. Ask and appeal. A bill is not a final answer.

“I got a $1500 bill for medical tests that were sent off to an outside lab. Went into my doc shaken. Cool as an f’in cuke, he asked, ‘Was the bill blue?’


“”Ignore it.'”


“‘Ignore it. If it’s yellow, bring it to me. We’ll figure it out.'”

“Nothing about the blue bill looked ignorable, but that was part of the system that was unclear. Too much of it is, for sure.”