My TED residency is a wrap; my talk will be online in 2019

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TED/Ryan Lash

My TED residency ended in mid-December, and I’m sad.

I gave my TED talk on Dec. 5 at TED headquarters at 330 Hudson St. in Manhattan. You probably won’t be surprised to know I talked about revealing health costs. Mine and the other talks from my 20 fellow residents will be edited and posted online sometime in 2019 — I’ll publicize links when they’re available.

The residency was a great thing: For 14 weeks, we hung out at TED headquarters in NYC at the shared workspace. We had programming, rubbed brain cells together, and benefited from coaching to prepare our TED talks Dec. 5 and 6.

We also made what promise to be lifelong friendships in our TED residency cohort and beyond.

Honestly, these people are amazing. What you’ll read about them does not do justice to the blazing intellect and passion in that room where we had our shared workspac.e Here’s the announcement, describing each of the residents. 

Thanks to all the TED organization, especially Cyndi Stivers and Katrina Conanan, the guiding lights of the residency, and to all my fellow residents and the residents in preceding cohorts who came to support us and welcome us into their community.

Here’s the picture of all of us after the Dec. 5 talks.

TED/Ryan Lash
TED/Ryan Lash