Brain MRIs price range in Chicago-Naperville-Joliet.

Headscratchers: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois refer their insured people to us to save money on health care.

In a piece titled “Be the 1 in 5 who’s saving money,” the piece posted on these two sites explains how to save — by using, among other tools, our pricing list.

Here’s the post on the Texas site, and here’s the Illinois one.

“Take 3 Steps
“To avoid paying more, there are three smart steps you can take.

  1. If possible, check on the prices before having imaging done. Call the customer service number on your member ID card and ask for suggestions for the lowest cost in-network imaging centers near you.
  2. If you are referred by a doctor, ask the doctor’s office to give you two or three options and make sure they are in your health plan’s network. While the place just down the road from your house may be convenient, it may not be the most affordable.
  3. You may have access to cost information* through Blue Access for Members, or you can use a public source like Clear Health Costs.”

LifeTimes article BlueCross Blue Shield

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