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“The words ‘what do you have to declare?’ took on a bizarre meaning at a Canada-U.S. border crossing on Sunday,” Brad Hunter writes over at The Toronto Sun. “For a Quebec family, the answer was grandpa. TVA reports that around 2:30 a.m., a mother and her son returning from Florida arrived at the crossing at Hemmingford, Que. In the back of their vehicle was the body of the family patriarch, believed to be in his 80s. The elderly man had reportedly begun to experience health problems at the beginning of the trip and died of a suspected heart attack somewhere along the way. But his wife and 60-year-old son apparently decided U.S. health care and repatriating the body were too pricey so they brought the body back with them. There were no signs of violence on the dead man and the distraught duo met with Quebec provincial police, according to Le Journal de Montreal. It wasn’t clear whether charges would be laid.” Brad Hunter, “Quebec family stopped at border with body in vehicle,” Toronto Sun.

Jeanne Pinder

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