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“Missourians shopping for health insurance on the federal government’s online marketplace are likely to see slightly lower premium prices, but health economists warn residents could still pay more for their health care next year, Sara Fentem reports, on St. Louis Public Radio. Deductibles, the prices customers pay out-of-pocket before insurance starts to cover bills, are increasing by $100-$200 a year on average, according to an analysis by the Missouri Foundation for Health. Some consumers have deductibles of more than $6,000. The government restricts how much deductibles can rise each year, but many insurers are taking the maximum increase allotted, said Nancy Kelley, policy director at the foundation, which assists customers with signing up for health insurance. ‘People really have to look at those details to make sure they’re not getting in a plan that, if they can help it, has a super high deductible,’ she said. ‘Because then you have a lot of out-of-pocket [costs] before you have your coverage kick in.’ … “There are more insurers offering plans in Missouri than ever before, but prices can still vary widely depending on where customers live. …Four out of 5 people buying plans on the exchange qualify for government subsidies to offset the cost, Kelley said.” — Sara Fentem, “Experts Warn Of Rising Health Costs In Missouri Despite Lower ACA Premiums,” St. Louis Public Radio.


Jeanne Pinder

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