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“’I put forth and I maintain: If I was White, I wouldn’t have to go through that,'” Aletha Maybank, Camara Phyllis Jones, Uché Blackstock and Joia Crear-Perry write in an opinion piece for The Washington Post. “That was Susan Moore, from her hospital bed in Indianapolis, where she was being treated for covid-19, and where, an oxygen tube in her nose, she summoned the strength to post a Facebook video about her treatment. That was Dr. Susan Moore, family physician, University of Michigan Medical School graduate, Black woman. She described how the White doctor treating her ;made me feel like I was a drug addict,’ refusing to prescribe her additional narcotics when she complained of pain -— even though he knew she was a fellow physician. She related how he rejected her plea for additional doses of remdesivir; how ‘he did not even listen to my lungs, he didn’t touch me in any way’; how he suggested she should just go home. ‘This is how Black people get killed, when you send them home and they don’t know how to fight for themselves,’ Moore said. If anyone knew how to fight for herself, it would have been Moore. Still, she was sent home. Less than three weeks later, she was dead, at 52.” Aletha Maybank, Camara Phyllis Jones, Uché Blackstock and Joia Crear-Perry, “Opinion | Susan Moore’s death underscores the racism embedded in the U.S. health care system,” The Washington Post.

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