woman getting injection
Patient receiving an injection.

The Covid-19 vaccine distribution landscape is pretty complicated. It varies state by state — some states are more regulated than others. New York’s is one of the most regulated; in Florida, by contrast, there’s not much regulation, and signups are by Eventbrite.

Here are some helpful links for those who are navigating the tricky shoals.

Who cannot get the vaccine

There are a number of exclusions. The people we’ve talked to who got vaccinated reported being asked a series of questions.

For example, it’s supposed to be at least 2 weeks away from any other vaccination — so if you got a flu or pneumonia or whooping cough shot recently, you might have to wait.

It’s not supposed to be given to people with an active Covid infection. Anybody who has been exposed to Covid should not get the shot until their quarantine period has ended.

People under 16 cannot get the Pfizer vaccine; people under 18 cannot get the Moderna vaccine.

A complete list of such stipulations from the Centers for Disease Control can be found here.

How to get the vaccine in your state

Here is an incredibly handy roundup of state-by-state regulations.

Here’s the New York state site.
Here’s the Texas site.

Here’s the Illinois site.

Here’s the New Jersey site.

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