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“A massive study involving more than 87,000 Covid-19 patients found that recovered patients face about a 60% increased risk of death from long-term complications of the disease in the six months after initial infection compared to people who’ve never tested positive,” Katie Camero writes for The Miami Herald. “Some of the fatal illnesses brought on by the disease include heart failure, stroke and chronic kidney disease, according to researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri. What’s more, the health risks from overcoming Covid-19 increased the more severe a person’s case was, with hospitalized patients who required intensive care at the highest risk of long-Covid-19 complications and death. The study was published Thursday in the journal Nature. The team also discovered newly diagnosed health issues in people still dealing with the disease six months after infection, including hair loss, heart palpitations, anemia and acid reflux — conditions that affect nearly every organ system in the body. Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly, senior author of the study and an assistant professor of medicine at the university, calls long Covid-19 ‘America’s next big health crisis.’” Katie Camero, Long-haulers face high risk of dying from COVID complications,” The Miami Herald.

Jeanne Pinder

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