Transvaginal ultrasound cost

How much does a transvaginal ultrasound cost? It depends.

In this case, she was billed for two ultrasounds, one pelvic (non-obstetric) and one transvaginal, for a total of $1,092.38.

The insurer completely disallowed the pelvic (non-obstetric) one, for $614.18, and charged her $421.29 for the transvaginal one, which applied to her deductible. The insurer wrote, “This service is included in the overall fee of another procedure or is usually not done at the same time as another procedure on the same day.”

We don’t have prices for Pittsfield, Mass., in the Berkshire area, where this took place. But in Louisiana, where we do have prices, a pelvic ultrasound can be easily obtained for cash for less than $200. See chart here. In New York, also, it can easily be obtained for cash for less than $200, though one hospital charges a cash price of $2,165. See chart here. 


transvaginal ultrasound cost

Jeanne Pinder

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