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How much does a vasectomy cost? One man paid $2,350.09. We’ve seen a wide range of prices, but this was definitely on the high side.

The vasectomy price figures were reported in an anonymous share from our interactive software. The man who sent in the data did include his explanation of benefits, which we show here.

He wrote: “Billed: 5557.57; Allowed: 3,056.66; Deductible: 1,983.14; Insurance Paid: 966.17, Coinsurance: 107.35.” So he paid $2,350.09.

He was charged two times for surgical pathology on the same day, at a member rate of $129.80. (We couldn’t ask why, because he didn’t leave his name.) The total sticker price was $6,029.57, member rate $3,316.26, of which insurance paid $966.17.

This is a pretty pricey vasectomy. He had his in Round Rock, Texas, where we don’t have significant data. If he’d been in New York, the price range for a cash vasectomy is from $734 to $4,919, according to our research. We have seen prices as low as $300 and as high as $17,000.

Here’s our earlier coverage on vasectomy costs and whether a vasectomy is covered by insurance.


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