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“The Osceola school district collected a $582,000 settlement from the district’s 2021 lawsuit against a consultant whom the district accused of taking $4 million in secret payments from insurance carriers, according to public documents,” Gabrielle Russon writes over at Florida Politics. “The school district alleged that Chicago-based Gallagher Benefit Services kept quiet about the commissions it received from insurance companies while Gallagher was supposed to be guiding the district in finding the best insurance provider, the district’s original lawsuit said. ‘Gallagher breached its agreements and, worse, the School Board’s trust, leaving the unmistakable taint on Gallagher’s fealty given that the School Board had engaged a consultant getting paid more from the carriers it was to scrutinize and supervise than from the School Board itself,’ the original lawsuit said, which added the district capped an annual fee up to $195,650 to Gallagher. The two sides reached a settlement in January that said Gallagher doesn’t admit to any wrongdoing. The district and Gallagher, which worked with the district from 2012 to 2019, declined to comment further when Florida Politics reached out this week.” Gabrielle Russon, “Osceola schools settle lawsuit over insurance consultant’s ‘secret commissions,’” Florida Politics.

Jeanne Pinder

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