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Medicare Advantage lobby objects to inquiry

“A major group representing Medicare Advantage plans is pushing back at Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., following the senator’s request to more than a dozen states for data on the ‘potentially deceptive’ marketing tactics of payers offering the lucrative and privately-run Medicare and Part D plans,” Rebecca Pifer writes over at HealthcareDive. “Marketing materials for […]

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High out-of-pocket costs for insured patients: Healthcare Finance News

“In art and photography, the ‘vanishing point’ is the point at which two lines converge, meeting at the horizon line and suggesting three-dimensional space,” Jeff Lagasse writes over at Healthcare Finance News. “In hospital revenue cycles, the vanishing point is $7,500. That’s the dollar amount at which hospitals have great difficulty collecting patient balances, according […]

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Covid drives orthopedic surgeries out of hospitals

“One of Covid’s many effects on the health system business model has been the accelerated migration of care to outpatient settings, with orthopedic surgeries, such as knee and hip replacements, leading the way, Chas Roades and Lisa Bielamowicz, MD write over at The Gist. “For this week’s graphic, we partnered with Stratasan, a Syntellis-owned healthcare […]