Blondie and the beast: Medical coding errors, Part 2

Summary: “Over the course of the past several weeks, I have been helping my friend investigate the root cause of a health insurance claim denial for her daughter’s orthopedic surgery — which has resulted in more than 50 subsequent claim denials and more than $50,000 in undue medical debt for the family — and prepare the external review appeal […]

When Aetna visits us to learn about medical billing codes

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Summary: Interesting things about our visitors from our analytics: Someone from Aetna in Connecticut visited us to learn about medical coding. Here’s a screenshot from our analytics page (click to enlarge). The post, “Alphabet soup: HCPCS codes, as well as ICD, DRG, CPT,” gets a fair amount of traffic. We’re happy to help when the […]

Medical coding: HCPCS codes, as well as ICD, DRG, CPT

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Medical coding: HCPCS codes, as well as ICD, DRG, CPT

(Updated, 2022) Codes, codes: a system built on codes. The medical coding numbers used in the health-care marketplace to identify procedures and items go by many names. One of the most common is the HCPCS code, for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. It’s the system used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Are your […]