Employer health insurance keeps getting more expensive: Axios

Employer health insurance keeps getting more expensive: Axios

“The past decade has seen enormous growth in health care costs paid by both employees and employers, creating the context for some of today’s biggest political debates as well as teeing up more problems for the future,” Caitlin Owens writes for Axios. “Yes, but: There are some signs that employers have maxed out their ability […]

How much insurance deductibles have increased in employer plans: Money

How much insurance deductibles have increased in employer plans: Money

“Workers with employer-sponsored insurance have seen their deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses rise at a rate far outpacing increases in wages over the past decade, according to a new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation,” Alicia Adamczyk writes over at Money magazine. “The report found that the average amount enrollees paid toward their deductible rose […]

Rising deductibles, and inadequate coverage: Drew Altman at the WSJ

Summary: “With 91% of the population now covered by some form of health insurance, and the coverage rate higher in some states, the next big debate in health policy could be about the adequacy of coverage,” Drew Altman, head of the Kaiser Family Foundation, writes over on The Wall Street Journal. That particularly means rising […]

Cost sharing increasing rapidly: Peterson-Kaiser tracker

Summary: “Rising cost-sharing for people with health insurance has drawn a good deal of public attention in recent years,” Gary Claxton, Larry Levitt and Michelle Long wrote in the Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker.  “For example, the average deductible for people with employer-provided health coverage rose from $303 to $1,077 between 2006 and 2015. While we […]

Medical debt causes 52% of debt collections: Federal and Kaiser Foundation figures

Summary: The Affordable Care Act has made health insurance available to many people who were uninsured, but the cost has been high for many. The most common insurance plans purchased under the A.C.A. tend to have lower premiums, which mean higher deductibles — leaving individuals on the hook for hefty payments, in some cases. Good […]

North Texas: The $5,563 family deductible is the new normal

Open enrollment season is here. One of the questions we encounter frequently is “how much is a high deductible” on an insurance plan? We hear a lot from people who are accustomed to the $20 co-pay and a modest deductible — but it looks like the deductible size is creeping up. In fact, a friend […]