Joining Health Rosetta’s collaborators board

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Joining Health Rosetta’s collaborators board

Check out our neighbors at HealthRosetta! I’ve just joined the collaborators board — which also includes Bill Gates, Esther Dyson, Susannah Fox, Danny Sands, Rushika Fernandopulle, Dan Kraft and Eric Topol, Jonathan Bush, Bryan Vartabedian, Gilles Frydman, Rob Lamberts, John Grohol, Tom Ferguson, Lygeia Ricchiardi, Adrian Gropper, Hugo Campos, OpenNotes, Leonard Kish, Shannon Brownlee and many […]

Crowdsourcing our coverage: Tell us what we should be writing about

  Summary:   Crowdsourcing is engaging a lot of news organizations today. While some journalists are nervous about crowdsourcing — “Yikes, we’d rather talk than listen, and what if they tell us something we don’t want to hear? Or something that we know isn’t true?” — we here at love crowdsourcing. We find, as […]

Let’s get to work: Ways to save money on health care

SUMMARY: Once upon a time, many of us had a health insurance plan that gave us most of what we needed for a $10 or $20 co-pay. That’s no longer true: many of us now are on insurance plans with a high deductible, a high co-pay, out of network, out of pocket — or paying a percentage […]