Sky-high deductibles broke the U.S. health insurance system: Bloomberg

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Sky-high deductibles broke the U.S. health insurance system: Bloomberg

“When Carla Jordan and her husband were hit with a cascade of serious medical issues, she knew that at least her family had health insurance through her job,” John Tozzi and Zachary Tracer write over at Bloomberg. “What she didn’t realize was that even with that coverage, a constant stream of medical bills would soon […]

Bait and switch, or how your employer passed health costs on to you: Peter Ubel

Bait and switch, or how your employer passed health costs on to you: Peter Ubel

“If you get health insurance through your job, beware: you might be picking up more of the cost of your medical care than you realize,” Peter Ubel of Duke writes over on Forbes. “With increasing frequency, employers are directing their workers to the kind of high deductible, high out-of-pocket insurance plans that leave workers financially responsible for […]

The Missing Debate Over Rising Deductibles: Wall Street Journal


Summary: “While the political world focuses on the Affordable Care Act, changes have been occurring for the many more Americans who get health insurance through work,” Drew Altman writes over on The Washington Wire blog at The Wall Street Journal. While I don’t agree that the debate is “missing” on this topic, as he suggests, […]

Poll finds many insured people struggle with medical bills: The Washington Post


Summary: “They have health insurance, but still no peace of mind. Overall, 1 in 4 privately insured adults say they doubt they could pay for a major unexpected illness or injury. A new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research  … found the biggest financial worries among people with so-called high-deductible plans that require patients […]

Who’s paying the chargemaster rate? Not just uninsured people, but also the insured


Summary: It’s long been thought that uninsured people were paying the highest prices for their medical care — that an uninsured or out-of-network patient paying cash has to pay the most. But that’s no longer true. We are learning that insured people are paying the chargemaster or sticker price, and they’re upset. Why? There’s a […]

High-deductible insurance plans: 7 easy tips to help you save

High-deductible insurance plans: 7 easy tips to help you save

SUMMARY: New year, new insurance plan! As of Jan. 1, many people suddenly are in possession of a high-deductible insurance plan. This may sound scary (High deductible! Reach for your wallet!), but it really isn’t. We’re going to give you seven helpful hints on how to deal. Read on, or … CLICK HERE FOR PRICES […]

When Health Deductibles Rise, Men Delay Emergency Care –

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“Men, it turns out, are more likely to delay treatment for serious conditions under high-deductible plans, in contrast to women, who tend to be more selective and cut back care for minor ailments only. “That’s according to a recent study led by Katy Kozhimannil, a researcher at the University of Minnesota’s school of public health. […]

High deductibles, limited coverage and consensus for change


Health insurance deductibles are rising, leaving more and more people with out-of-pocket costs they didn’t expect. This is important partly because it explains why Americans have a hard time finding consensus on what should be done about rising health costs: people who are insulated from rising costs by a low deductible or other things, including […]

Insurance coverage grew, but spending by individuals rose

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We are often asked:  “Why do people care about the cost or price of health-care procedures? Most people are insured, so the insurance company pays, right?” For an answer, let’s go to Massachusetts, where many people are insured as a result of “Romneycare,” the precedessor to the Affordable Care Act. In fact, that’s the state […]

North Texas: The $5,563 family deductible is the new normal

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Open enrollment season is here. One of the questions we encounter frequently is “how much is a high deductible” on an insurance plan? We hear a lot from people who are accustomed to the $20 co-pay and a modest deductible — but it looks like the deductible size is creeping up. In fact, a friend […]