Steady executive pay hikes eclipse cost-containment concerns: Modern Healthcare

Steady executive pay hikes eclipse cost-containment concerns: Modern Healthcare

“Health systems are grappling with competing priorities, trying to corral costs while still attracting and keeping top executive talent with competitive salary and benefit packages,” Alex Kacik writes over at Modern Healthcare. “Judging by the steady increase in executives’ total compensation over the past several years, it seems that health system boards are not compromising […]

Politics, lobying, hospital behavior and health care spending: NBER study

Politics, lobying, hospital behavior and health care spending: NBER study

“When trying to pass sweeping legislation, congressional leaders can attract votes by adding targeted provisions that steer money toward the districts of reluctant legislators,” Zack Cooper, Amanda E. Kowalski, Eleanor N. Powell and Jennifer Wu write in a National Bureau of Economic research paper in August 2017 examining the link between legislative politics, hospital behavior, […]

Providers are newly willing to post cash medical prices: Some things we learned in our New Orleans launch

Providers are newly willing to post cash medical prices: Some things we learned in our New Orleans launch

We’ve learned some interesting things about providers publicizing cash or self-pay prices in our New Orleans partnership, “Cracking the Code.” Perhaps not surprisingly, when the people we’re talking with understand how this can benefit them, they give up the prices — information that for years has been a closely kept secret. We start out, as […]

Transparency at health systems: Beckers Hospital Review


Summary: “Physician organizations, hospitals and health systems are under increasing pressure to deliver transparent, competitive pricing,” writes Kelly Gooch over at Becker’s Hospital Review. “This pressure is coming from multiple sources, according to Igor Belokrinitsky, principal with Strategy&, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ strategy consulting business, and with PwC US. Federal and state governments are demanding more transparency, while […]

Pa. hospitals lag in charity care for the poor: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Summary: “Of the state’s 170 hospitals in 2014, Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, above, and 106 others, or 63 percent of them, provided charity care equal to less than 1 percent of their net patient revenue, according to an analysis of data from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council,” Sean D. Hamill writes in The […]

What journalists should know about ratings: Health journo blog

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Summary: “Journalists should take hospital ratings with a healthy dose of skepticism, according to experts at a recent AHCJ New York chapter event,” Liz Seegert writes on the blog of the Association of Health Care Journalists, examining the pluses and minuses of different ratings in the context of the overall discussion about ratings systems. “Simply […]

Nonprofit hospitals are making a lot of money: Washington Post

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Summary: “Seven of the top 10 most profitable hospitals in the United States are nonprofit facilities that each netted more than $150 million from caring for patients in 2013, according to a study published Monday,” Lena Sun writes in The Washington Post. “Topping the list is Gunderson Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse, Wis., which earned […]

Another driver for cash payments: No-pay and slow-pay patients


Summary: A shift in the way hospitals collect bills has been taking place for some time, and is picking up speed. “Hospitals and providers, historically, received 90% of the reimbursement from insurers, according to The Advisory Board. The patient portion was more of an afterthought,” writes Holly Fletcher at The Tennessean. “That dynamic is shifting […]

Hospitals struggle to get patients to pay debts: Bloomberg Business

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Summary: “A type of pain that hospitals thought they had relieved has come back with a vengeance: it’s called bad debt. Hospitals have long struggled to collect bills when patients aren’t covered by insurance — creating delinquent accounts,” John Lauerman writes over at Bloomberg Business. “The Affordable Care Act was supposed to relieve some of that […]

Wisconsin hospital prices: Perhaps useful for some things

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Summary: Cost transparency takes many forms. This Wisconsin Hospital Association pricing page has what appear to be low, medium and high prices for a range of services, for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. What’s missing: Standalone places like independent radiology centers or testing labs. What’s also missing: The averages don’t tell you much about what […]