PriceCheck: Across the nation, community-built health cost guides

Summary: Our work with PriceCheck, our health cost transparency partnerships with media and other organizations, has stretched across the nation, bringing thousands of people to our partner web sites to share and search prices — from databases, from our reporting, and from our communities. Our interactive software is placed on our partners’ sites, using pricing information […]

We’re live in Florida with PriceCheck, crowdsourcing with 3 partners

Summary: We launched our Florida PriceCheck partnership on Thursday, crowdsourcing health prices with new partners WLRN public radio in Miami and WUSF public radio in Tampa Bay, and their Health News Florida collaboration. In the first two days after launch, our web analytics show that we had visits from the Florida Legislature, the Florida Department […]

Isn’t every colonoscopy free now? Well, not exactly.

Summary: Aren’t all colonoscopies free now? No. While the Affordable Care Act includes free preventive procedures like colonoscopies, we’re hearing more and more that people are being asked to pay, from community members in  our partnerships with public radio stations KPCC in Los Angeles, KQED in San Francisco and WHYY in Philadelphia. We don’t know anyone who […]

ClearHealthCosts and PriceCheck featured in JAMA Internal Medicine

Summary: Our work on PriceCheck was featured in JAMA Internal Medicine on Nov. 17, in an article by one of our California partners,  Lisa Aliferis of KQED, along with an editor’s note by the JAMA editor. The editor’s note called us “bold” and a supplier of “essential information,” and called for more of the same […]

Cost of a colonoscopy in California: Payments from $1,200 to $7,126.80

Summary: How much does a colonoscopy cost? From $0 to $7,240 in California, we learned from our PriceCheck community. Though preventive care is supposed to be covered under the Affordable Care Act, people are paying a lot for their colonoscopies, we learned — and the range of payments by insurers is surprisingly wide. CLICK HERE […]

People are shopping for health care. This is what it sounds like.

Summary: Culture change is here. People are upset about their health costs, and they’re acting like consumers in the marketplace. They’re looking for value, and for providers who will cure their ills and treat them like thinking beings. We know this because they’re telling us on our PriceCheck project, crowdsourcing health-care prices with our partners KQED public […]

Join us at PriceCheck, our health cost crowdsourcing project

Summary: KQED, Southern California Public Radio and  invite California residents to share the cost of medical procedures through Price Check, a groundbreaking crowdsourced database of health care prices, which was launched today. California is one of the largest health care markets in the world and Price Check, which will be a community-created database of […]

We won! We’re going to crowdsource prices with two California partners, via a Knight Foundation grant

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Summary: We are thrilled to announce that we are joining KQED in San Francisco and KPCC/Southern California Public Radio in Los Angeles in a project to crowdsource health-care prices in California, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation via its Prototype Fund. The plan is to leverage the power of the three […]