Medical tourism: Mexico, Thailand, Las Vegas and Central Florida

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Summary: When people travel from their own country or their own city to another for care, it’s called medical tourism. How much is there? Depends on who you talk to, and how you define it. “Mexico is already the world’s second-biggest medical tourism destination (behind Thailand), generating $3 billion in 2014. Mexican agencies expect that […]

The rise of medical tourism: Commercial insurers jumping in

Medical tourism is on the rise: people are traveling from their homes to other cities and other countries for medical care. One thing I just learned: big insurance companies are working on medical tourism programs — something we’re interested in learning more about. We have heard a lot about domestic medical tourism — U.S. patients […]

Greed, commerce, Underpaid Docs: N.Y. Times readers on medical tourism

The poster child for medical tourism in Libby Rosenthal’s excellent New York Times piece on people traveling out of the U.S. for medical care is a man who needed a hip replacement that his insurance wouldn’t cover. He had a choice: pay $65,000 for surgery in the U.S, or $13,660 in Belgium, from soup to […]