Coronavirus (COVID-19) and health insurance: What you need to know

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and health insurance: What you need to know

So you’re worried about your health insurance given the coronavirus epidemic. You’re not alone. Whether you have or had job-sponsored insurance, or were on the state exchanges, or were uninsured before COVID-19 hit, it’s a topic of concern. Here are some situations, with answers. You lost your job and need insurance to replace employer-sponsored insurance. […]

Buying health insurance: A handbook

(Posted August 2019; updates planned) How do you buy health insurance? We are frequently asked to help people buy health insurance. Our specialty is the cost of health care, not buying insurance. We don’t do individual consultations on what insurance to buy. We’re not really qualified for that, and also people must be certified and […]

My co-op insurer’s being shut down. What should I do?

Summary: So my insurance co-op is closing, leaving me suddenly uninsured or nearly so. What should I do? I get my health insurance through Health Republic Insurance of New York.  I am not a licensed insurance broker, and I do not want to give anybody any advice about what they should do, but I’ll talk […]

Surprises in New York A.C.A. enrollments: Oscar’s low, and under-35’s are high

SUMMARY: We were surprised by the companies New Yorkers chose for their insurance providers under the Affordable Care Act. New York state residents , like others in states that built their own health-care exchanges, are signing up for health care under the Affordable Care Act in bigger numbers than those in states dependent on the […]