Buying health insurance: Our tools for open enrollment, Nov. 15-Feb. 15

Summary: We have a collection of tools and information about buying health insurance. While this is not our speciality — price transparency is what we do best! — we do present handy tools for this complicated task. Open enrollment for many employer-sponsored plans has been under way for a bit, and the federal and state insurance-shopping […]

Insurance shopping tools online: Open enrollment nears

Summary: As open enrollment nears, there’s an increase in the number of tools available to help you shop for insurance. I will be using the New York State of Health exchange, as I did last year, and may test-drive some of these tools. Some of them will be better than others; some may try to […]

Open enrollment: Sears and Darden change insurance plan delivery

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Two big employers have announced that they will now change the way they help employees with health insurance: instead of finding and financing that insurance, they will give employees a fixed sum of money and let them shop for their own insurance, writes Anna Wilde Mathews in The Wall Street Journal. The two employers — […]