How much do diabetic test strips cost? Our new PriceCheck project

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Summary: Managing chronic conditions like diabetes can be  costly, even if you have insurance. We’re starting a segment in our PriceCheck project to crowdsource the price of a common diabetic supply, the test strip. This is the fourth item in our PriceCheck series; the first three were mammograms, MRI’s, and IUD’s. You can not only […]

Stanford ends Anthem pact; Anthem fires back, using PriceCheck data

  Summary: Price transparency has some unexpected consequences. Stanford, the big university-centered health system, cut off its contract with Anthem Blue Cross, the big California insurer, yesterday. Anthem struck back at Stanford, announcing publicly that Stanford had ended the contract, and citing our PriceCheck information in its press release.    

How much does an MRI cost in California: $255? $973.25? $2,925?

Summary: Early results from our California crowdsourcing project on MRI prices are in. Payments range from $255 to $2,925.15. MRI pricing is a complete mystery: What should you pay? Can you ask for a discount? We’ve been looking at health-care prices for three years, so if we say it’s a mystery, we can imagine what […]

People are shopping for health care. This is what it sounds like.

People are shopping for health care. This is what it sounds like.

Culture change is here. People are upset about their health costs, and they’re acting like consumers in the marketplace. They’re looking for value, and for providers who will cure their ills and treat them like thinking beings. We know this because they’re telling us on our PriceCheck project, crowdsourcing health-care prices with our partners KQED public radio […]

How Much IS That? Making Health Care Price-Transparent

Summary: On Twitter, the hashtag #HCPT stands for Health Care Price Transparency. People use that hashtag to anchor discussions about healthcare pricing, resources for finding out “how much is that” in healthcare, negotiating price with healthcare providers, and the ins and outs of understanding your insurer’s Explanation Of Benefit (EOB) statements, and any other healthcare […]

Join us at PriceCheck, our health cost crowdsourcing project

Join us at PriceCheck, our health cost crowdsourcing project

Summary: KQED, Southern California Public Radio and  invite California residents to share the cost of medical procedures through Price Check, a groundbreaking crowdsourced database of health care prices, which was launched today. California is one of the largest health care markets in the world and Price Check, which will be a community-created database of […]