What it means to you: Oct. 1 and buying health insurance, an overview

You may have been hoping you could ignore the topic of health insurance, but Oct. 1 is almost here, and with it the new health insurance landscape brought by the Affordable Care Act. And we’re going to help you navigate through it. Here is an outline of what we’ll write about, basically a handbook on […]

North Carolina to post prices of hospital services: Modern Healthcare

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Modern Healthcare on a new North Carolina law, which will require hospitals to “shine a light on the actual prices paid by Medicare, Medicaid and the uninsured, as well as the average and range of prices paid by the top five insurers.” “ ‘For too long, North Carolina patients have been in the dark on […]

Q: How much do birth-control pills cost? A: $9 to $63, or $68 to $112.

Q: How much do birth-control pills cost? A: $9 to $63, or $68 to $112.

(Updated 2018) Birth control pills can come at very different prices. Sometimes they’re actually more expensive if you have insurance! Covered by insurance or not, there are a few things you need to know about how pricing works, and where you’ll pay a lot or a little. It’s different depending on your insurance, on your […]

The uninsured, state by state: Texas leads at 24 percent

In Texas, 24 percent of people are uninsured, according to figures collected by the Kaiser Family Foundation, in a  report and graphic based on 2011 figures. Next: Nevada 22 percent, New Mexico 21 percent. South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, California and Louisiana all have 21 percent of people lacking insurance. Mississipi: 19 percent. Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Arkansas, […]

What if workers refuse to buy health insurance because it costs too much?

This might be the most important article you read today: “Millions of lower-income workers may gain access to employer-sponsored health insurance under the Affordable Care Act — but they may decide not to purchase that coverage. “Most of the lowest-income workers currently offered health benefits elect not to enroll, according to a new study from […]

Finding consumer prices from hospitals is hard, study finds

  It’s hard for patients to find prices for medical procedures in advance, even for common things, a new study finds. Our readers won’t be surprised, but this was a  thorough investigation by a trio of respected scholars, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study catalogs the  scholars’ attempts to find […]

People are refusing treatment because of money, Deloitte finds

Here are some amazing 2012 stats on the use and non-use of health care, from Deloitte. (Wonk alert!) Who stayed overnight in a hospital: 8 percent of Americans. Who took part in a wellness program in the last 12 months: 10 percent of Americans. Only 8 percent switched doctors; 76 percent are satisfied with their […]