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We believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we created the PriceMap.

Price Map

It’s an interactive map based on Medicare data for actual pay for hospital stays. Note: PriceMap is not a shopping guide. It’s a way to think about the medical marketplace in the United States, with its widespread disparities of costs.

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  • ClearHealthCosts is a free, independent source of reliable information about health-care costs, initially in the New York area.

    We’re building our listings, with our reporting and your anonymous shared data, to make the health-care marketplace transparent. Read our FAQ and methodology for more info.

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The Price of Birth Control: A Crowdsourced Map


How much do you pay for birth control pills?

Where do you buy them?

We’re making a nationwide database to look at how prices vary. Help us do it. Just add your info, then check out what people near you — or elsewhere — are paying. Suggestions, questions? Here’s our FAQ.

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